Meet "Political Dish" where journalism, politics and food mix
Political Dish

Sixty years ago, the women who formed our forerunner, the Women's National Press Club gathered their favorite stories and recipes into a book to raise money for their cause, and in the process they created a community for the women who broke barriers in the male-dominated press clubs.  "Who Says We Can't Cook!" contained recipes from (mostly) female reporters, editors, columnists and publishers as well as the notable they covered.  They shared family secrets, flavors discovered overseas and some original concoctions.


In this edition, the Washington Press Club Foundation has gathered new recipes and their related stories, from today's journalists and the politicians they cover, all sharing their experiences with the relationship food has with politics and their daily lives.  


We're always happy to collect submissions from lawmakers and journalists.  Contact a WPCF board member for more information.  


If you would like a copy of this book, 32 pages and 20 recipes, please send a self addressed 5 x 8 envelope, with $1.59 in postage affixed to the envelope, we'll mail you a copy.