As part of our mission to promote education and the pursuit of excellence in journalism, and to ensure that the voices within the newsroom represent the diversity of the audience, the Washington Press Club Foundation provides opportunities for women and minorities through internships at some of our nation’s most prestigious media companies. These internships include a stipend and are based in Washington D.C. In addition, the foundation produces programming to assist students in preparing for their job search.
Internships and Student Programming
Aspiring Journalists  A series of programming presented by the Washington Press Club Foundation

The Washington Press Club Foundation is pleased to host a series of webinars connecting aspiring journalists to Washington, DC reporters, editors and bureau chiefs. These programs are specifically designed for journalism students to gain practical insights into the changing culture and practices of media organizations as preparation for your future job search.                                 

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Friday, Sept 25th   Click here to watch a video of this webinar

 As stories involving race and social justice dominate the front pages and lead stories how are newsrooms pivoting to become better equipped to cover this topic?  

From renaming football teams to changing state flags, views on race and social injustice are rapidly shifting in America.  How are news media organizations adjusting their teams to better cover these stories? How are newsrooms addressing their own institutional racism?  And how should we be approaching the idea of objectivity? We'll discuss the challenges of appropriately covering the story of the day plus how news outlets are looking to break free of outdated narratives to better reflect the full diversity of their audience.  Most importantly,  how can you prepare yourself to be part of the solution to these changing expectations.



 Friday, October 9th Click here to watch a video of this webinar

 On the Panel:
Alexi McCammond, Political Reporter, Axios
Ed O’Keefe, Political Correspondent, CBS News
Sabrina Siddiqui, National Politics Reporter, The Wall Street Journal 
Marianna Sotomayor, Decision 2020 Embed, NBC News

Friday, October 23rd 1pET/10aPT 

As news organizations have developed a variety of hybrid solutions to social distancing requirements has this reshaped the newsroom in the long term?  How might these changes affect finding your first job out of school?  What does a remote internship look like?    

In this third webinar sponsored by the Washington Press Club Foundation a panel of bureau chiefs and editors will discuss what you can be doing now to develop the skills and knowledge to shape your resume into one that will attract the attention of the hiring managers.  Included in the discussion will be tips on how can you use your time in school to better prepare for a job in this changing environment.

Hosted by Shawna Thomas, Content Executive @Quibi

and Former DC Bureau Chief & Correspondent for Vice News


On the Panel: 

Nicole Carroll, Editor-in-Chief for USA Today

Claudia Grisales, Hill Reporter for NPR

Kimbriell Washington Bureau Chief, The LA Times

Ken Strickland, Vice President & Washington Bureau Chief, NBC News

Amanda Terkel, Washington Bureau Chief for HuffPost